Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spare Panties

I was so horny before I got to work today that I diddled my fammajamma on the back of a bus. Usually, I drive to work but some asswipe rear-ended my Volvo last week and it's in the shop, as they say. There's probably some fat, greasy mechanic rifling through my glove-compartment at this very minute. In fact, I had forgotten to take my birth control pills from out of the car as well as a spare pair of underwear that I keep in a plastic bag tucked under the seat. You never know when they may come in handy girls! It's not that I often crap myself or bleed like a skewered pig but I like to be prepared in any event. Nonetheless, I didn't realize those things were still in the car when I hurried out of the house this morning to catch a bus. I had stayed up pretty late drinking wine and watching an erotic video tape that my friend Nadine had given me. She's such a trip. She always gives me the strangest porn after she's viewed it. And I know she's watched it because it's never at the beginning. It's always somewhere right after a hot scene and it's strange because you get to know what your friends are into if you rewind a bit and see where they left off - or rather where they GOT OFF. Nadine apparently like double penetration from African American midgets. Anyway, I was on the bus and I took a seat towards the rear where nobody was sitting. Then I slid my hand under my skirt and started going at it. Although my eyes fluttered shut for a brief moment or two I made sure to open them every few seconds to see if anyone was watching. The few people including the bus driver were oblivious. There were a few teenagers who got on and sat somewhere in the middle of the bus but they were too consumed with their Ipods and as usual zoning out in their own little world. So I was safe and my finger as well as the seat were pretty moist and I was close to having a Big O secure with the knowledge I was in my own erotic little world. I guess I hadn't noticed the sound of gears shifting or otherwise just assumed it was the normal throes of traffic. Only until afterwards, while thinking about what happened did I presume the muffler noises were coming from a sports car but in fact it was an 18-wheeler. There had been a trucker looking at me for a few blocks now. He was grinding the gears trying to stay parallel with the bus and eyeballing me the whole time. When I saw him I instinctively pulled my hand out from under my skirt and looked away. Slightly embarrassed, I turned back but only enough to catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye. The trucker was smiling. A big smile as though his wife had just given birth to twins or some shit. I nonchalantly took another glance and he waved. Now I was really embarrassed and a more than a bit pissed because I was so close to coming it wasn't even funny. I had to wipe the pussy juice off my finger discretely and as I did so a roaring blast of the air horn went off. The trucker was honking at me trying to get my attention. Shit. I finally turned and faced him when we both stopped at the red light. He had the audacity to mouth the words 'thank you'. Now in all honesty he wasn't too bad looking. Blond hair, about my age maybe a bit older and he did have a dashing smile. He waved again and I, with a smirk, mouthed back 'your welcome'. Then he mouthed back ' don't stop'. At that moment I got incredibly turned on. I thought my libido was lost about a half mile back around Melrose but suddenly I was completely aroused and thought why not. Why not give this lonely trucker, whose probably been on the road for days a little show. So I scooted around in my seat and actually pulled my dress up and my panties down so he could watch me. I had one leg bent up as I maneuvered around to face the window. The fact of the matter was he was only about eight to ten feet away, if that, and he had a clear shot of everything. So we’re rolling down La Cienaga about 20-miles per hour, and here I am masturbating myself for some stranger through the window of a bus, when I suddenly heard the tires screech seconds before I squirted. The trucker's lascivious grim turned to horror and suddenly I lost sight of him. He had slammed on his air-breaks and less than a second later, so did the bus driver. The entire bus lurched forwards and I went rolling down the aisle with my skirt hiked up and my panties pulled down to my knees. Everyone on the bus turned and looked at me. A bicyclist had apparently shot out into traffic and caused the near collision. I was still about a mile away from the Purple Banana Go-Go joint where I work but I got off at the next stop, thoroughly embarrassed. I didn’t see the 18-wheeler pass me nor did I look around to see if anyone noticed the black smudges on my skirt from tumbling down the aisle of the bus. I just kept my head lowered and thought about how I could have used those spare pair of panties in the shop.

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